Thursday, January 23, 2014

Insomnia Bunny


I couldn't sleep last night and I'm not feeling too well today, but I could still crochet last night! Traversing through Reddit, Ravelry, and multiple Facebook groups, I had been seeing so many pictures of the Ugly Bunny Pincushion. Bunnies might as well be the cutest thing in the entire world, so of course I had to make one. Unfortunately, the pattern called for DK weight yarn, and I prefer/ only have cotton in the color bunny I wanted to make. So, my bunny is rather large (I used an H hook and worsted weight), but I love him as much as a tiny bunny. I also ran out of yarn towards the end, so the arms are short and I could only make one stubby ear. To cover the misfortune, I made him a tiny hat.

What should I name him? I'm thinking Cam.

Right after being finished

Pondering life

Bonding with the bae <3

If you would like to make your own bunny, you'll find the pattern here. I might be posting another pattern soon, so check back! Hope you're all having a great day.

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