Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Giving

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter to share and enjoy with your loved ones. Hasn't the weather been wonderful? I've been cooped up most of this week, except yesterday when I got to shop with my best friend and her mom in a quaint little town in my state. It was a nice break for my hands, which have been busy knitting and crocheting gifts for my therapist, who is expecting. It is no secret that for almost two years now I have battled my fair share of depression, as well as OCD since I was 8. My therapist was one of the people who promoted me to keep working at my knitting and crocheting as a tool to treat my depression. It has helped me wonders, and it is now my passion. When she told me she is expecting, I knew I had to make her some cute baby stuff. I am unaware of the sex of the baby, so I tried to keep everything gender neutral.

The lot of it 
This is the only picture I have of the teddy bear, but once I work out the kinks I will have a detailed pattern up
The blanket is just a giant granny square, with alternating rows of blue and variegated purple. The blue yarn is Loops and Threads Baby Yarn, and the purple is Red Heart Super Saver (I know I know, cheap yarn, I'm sorry)

My pride and joy. These are the first socks I have ever made, and I am so proud of how they came out. I think they will be perfect for the little baby's feet. The pattern is free and available on line, can be found here.
I know the pattern calls for cotton yarn, but I used the same baby yarn from the blanket and size 6 DPNS and I think they came out great!

The two hats I made were from the same pattern, but the yellow one is the smaller of the two available sizes. I used worsted weight Lion Brand baby yarn for this, and it is SO SOFT.

I had some leftover Sugar n Cream yarn from my Seature pattern, so I used it to make a bigger version of the hat above. However, in both patterns I only worked 4 and 3 inches of stockinette respectively, because I felt the hats were getting too long.

I hope my therapist loves all this, and puts it to some good use. I don't know about you, but the best part of crafting is giving it away and making someones day.

Stay crafty!